Wireless ID – Wireless Phone Identification

  • TCPA Compliance Starts with Wireless Phone Identification

    The new TCPA regulations require the identification of wireless phones. If you don’t identify these numbers and put them into an autodialer, robocaller, or other automated phone dialing system, you will be liable for $500 to $1,500 per call.

    In addition, WirelessID – wireless phone identification provides you with a basic phone validation that eliminates all of the garbage data (like 555 555 5555) as well as inactive area codes and exchanges (the first six numbers of the phone).

    • You submit:

      Phone 555-555-1234
    • We return:

      Phone 555-555-1234
      Phone Type Wireless/landline/invalid

    This demo illustrates a sample of RealValidation’s Wireless ID results. View an example of actual results here. Check out the Wireless ID API documentation for a complete listing of all possible returned results.

    Try Wireless ID – Phone Type Lookup >>>

    With new TCPA regulations heavily limiting the form in which you can dial cellphones, a complete solution is needed.

    • The rules require:

      • Checking the number every 15 days to see if it is wireless
      • Not calling mobile numbers by automated dialer, unless… You get a very strict opt in for contact by automated dialer on cell phones(autodialed or robocalled)
    • Why? 

      Non compliance leaves any firm open to $500 to $1500 per call, which can be prosecuted through civil suit.

      In other words…. THE LAWYERS ARE COMING

      On principle, we’re not the biggest fans of small business hurting legal affairs, so we designed our service to solve this.  Legal firms like Morgan and Morgan are setting up advertisements in the Tampa Bay area on billboards, because they know the payoffs will be huge.  It is only a matter of time before the major class action suits begin to pile up, and regular businesses like yours are prosecuted for making someone’s phone ring.

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We’ve provided our WirelessID services as a standalone service via API or batch.

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