RealPhoneValidation – RPV Premium

  • RPV Premium – International Phone Number Validation

    RPV Premium verifies that a phone number is active and reachable. It provides online businesses with actionable data on every single phone number to prevent online fraud and validate critical contact information. RealValidation enables online properties to obtain the global data they need to protect their business.

    RPV Premium Provides Actionable Data

    RPV Premium provides international data points to help mitigate fraud, providing businesses with accurate data about a phone number to:

    • Verify customer information with no impact to the user experience.
    • Reduce costs stemming from fraudulent registrations and/or transactions.
    • Reduce loss of sales productivity associated with bad phone numbers.
    • Clean your database by identifying leads with inactive phone numbers.

    You submit:

    Phone 555-555-1234

    We return:

    Phone 555-555-1234
    Phone Status
    Subscriber (active/disconnected)
    Device (reachable/unreachable)
    Phone Type landline/ mobile/ non-fixed VOIP/ Invalid/ prepaid/ personal/
    pager/ 800 numbers/ restricted
    Geographic Information city/ county/ state/ country/ latitude/ longitude/ time zone
    Roaming Information roaming status/ roaming country
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RPV Premium Service coverage map:

Map of global coverage of RPV Premium Phone Validation service