Name Match Contact Validation

  • RealValidation’s Name Match Contact Validation

    Name Match provides a strong service to check basic contact data.  By taking basic contact information of Name, Address, and Phone we can verify your results against industry leading databases to validate, or reject the data you were provided.

    • You submit:

      NameFirst First Name
      NameLast Last Name
      StreetAddress Address
      ZipCode Zip
      Phone 555-555-1212
    • We return:

      ResponseCode 0
      ResponseMsg Successful
      Score 900
      Category P
      RecType B

    This demo illustrates a sample of RealValidation’s Name Match results. View an example of actual results here. Check out the API documentation for a complete listing of all possible returned results.

    You can access Name Match via batch or API.

  • Improve the quality of your data with Name Match. Contact us today.

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