Email Validation

  • RealValidation – Email Validation Service

    Super Accurate. Super Quick. Surprisingly Inexpensive.

      • Eliminates Bounces and False Positives
      • Improves Placement Rates
      • Integrates Seamlessly


    We have everything you need to remove invalid emails from your email marketing campaigns, online newsletters, and customer databases.

    Pre-Send Email Validation

    Remove harmful email addresses before you mail with our secure and easy-to-use list upload options.

    In-Line Email Validation

    Correct invalid email address in-form or filter out bad addresses as they enter your system with our validation API.

    Ongoing Database Validation

    Fix bad email addresses in your customer database, so you can mail with confidence anytime.

    • You submit:

    • We return:

      Status Valid/Invalid/Unknown
      Connected Yes/No
      Disposable Yes/No

    This demo illustrates a sample of RealValidation’s Email Validation results. View an example of actual results here. Check out the API documentation for a complete listing of all possible returned results.

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    Features and Benefits:

    • Eliminate Bounces
      Our clients typically experience a 10x reduction in bounce rates.

    • Super Fast
      Fastest response times in the industry.

    • Accurate
      97% match rate and no false positives.

    • Reliable
      Fully redundant hosting in the cloud.

    • No Upfront Fees

    • Easy Integration
      Several easy to use options.

We provided our Email Validation service via API or batch.

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