Does Your Business Depend on Outgoing Calls?

RealValidation offers phone validation and phone append servicesDoes Your Business Depend on Outgoing Calls?

In today’s hyper-competitive sales environment, many businesses rely on outgoing calls to make sales. The phone is an excellent way to contact your customers, but if your organization doesn’t handle it properly you could be at risk.

An aggressive outbound sales strategy, in theory, should result in more appointments and/or eventual sales.

One of the essential tools of the trade for a successful outbound sales calling approach is a quality database. On average, approximately 15-22% of data becomes outdated within a year.

To rectify this, companies have traditionally had to manually update data, create and update a centralized database, and take other measures. Jonathan Farington, chairman of The JF Corporation and CEO of Top Sales Associates, offers the following advice: “Encourage your staff to delete outdated information as it becomes available, and each year task a clerk or support person to verify the information collecting in your database. Store data tagged with geographical or other markers to make it more accessible for your outbound sales staff to easily get at leads in their territories when they perform outbound sales calls. Finally, centralize your customer database so that everyone in the company has access to the same material.”

Farington’s advice mirrors that of other sales experts and is certainly one method for ensuring that phone numbers are updated and available to all sales people company-wide.

However, doing so takes time and effort and most importantly, takes at least one individual away from the sales process.  Additionally, this method simply eliminates bad phone numbers- it does not add to the existing database.

At RealValidation, we do not just regularly eliminate bad phone numbers from lists, we are also able to continually update the lists to ensure that your company is reaching the maximum number of potential clients. With an expert team of statisticians and telephony engineers, we have developed a proprietary process that relies on deep level carrier, telephony, switch, and line testing data to return accurate results, and in turn, validating phone numbers with 95% accuracy.  The service is regularly tested and updated using statistical research allowing for accurate targeting. More importantly, Real Validation has developed state of the art telephony technology that actually silently touches the number in real-time to verify if the number is connected or disconnected, updating the lists almost in real time. Combining this revolutionary technology with a seamless API, and web interface RV is able to quickly verify phone connectivity with 95% accuracy available. With up to 20% more accuracy and an automated update process, your sales team can spend their time focusing on outbound calls- to numbers that actually work.

Contact RealValidation today and find out how easy it is to improve the accuracy of your phone data.

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