Address Validation

  • RealValidation – Address Validation Service

    CASS-Certified™. Immediate Results. Friendly Prices.

      • Determine the deliverability of a specific address
      • Clean and standardize addresses according to USPS guidelines
      • Qualify for discounts on bulk mailings
      • Ensure timely delivery of e-commerce shipments


    RealValidation’s Address Validation Service makes it faster and easier than ever to verify addresses on your website and clean up your address lists.

    In-Line Address Validation

    Correct invalid addresses in-form or filter out bad addresses as they enter your system with our validation API.

    Pre-Send Address Validation

    Remove bad addresses and identify true positives before you send out a mailing with our secure and easy-to-use list upload options.

    How our Pricing Works

    Our prices are the most budget friendly in the industry, from just a few addresses to millions, with no long-term commitment needed. Contact Us for a custom quote.

    • You submit:

      Address 7980 plank rd
      City thomson
      State ohio
      Zip 44086
    • We return:

      Address 7980 Plank Road
      City Thompson
      State OH
      Zip 44086-7960

    This demo only illustrates a sample of what RealValidation’s Address Validation Service is capable of. Check out the the API documentation for a complete listing of all returned results which include:

      • Latitude and longitude
      • Address format standardized
      • Corrected ZIP code
      • Fixed city/state spelling

      • Missing secondary number
      • Address component was changed
      • Fixed street spelling

      • ZIP+4 matched
      • Confirmed without secondary
      • And 40+ more…
  • Features and Benefits:

    • Valid Data Only
      The addresses returned will always be correct, not approximated, like some services out there.

    • Super Fast
      Fastest response times in the industry.

    • Append Missing Data
      Any part of the address that’s missing will be filled in to ensure accuracy and deliverability.

    • Reliable
      Fully redundant hosting in the cloud.

    • No Upfront Fees

    • Easy Integration
      Several easy to use options.

      Want a quote or have a question?

      Contact RealValidation

We provided Address Validation as a standalone service via API or batch.

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