About RealValidation

  • RealValidation, Inc. is a Florida Corporation that was born out of a need. Our history comes from 25 years in the automotive finance lead generation space under the name VOISYS™. 25 years ago we developed the original Loan-by-Phone™ service which was the beginnings of our involvement in telephony and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems. Our specialty quickly became the automotive market followed by the mortgage market. We have served thousands of clients by providing customizable, multilingual scripts that capture complex financial applications automatically and with our Data Distribution Engine, deliver it to the correct processing facility.

    In the mid-90’s we expanded to the Internet to harvest financial applications for our client base. We were in the middle of a Public Offering when the dot com bubble burst. We survived that disaster and continued growing the company in the financial lead generation business.

    By 2010, we noticed a remarkable degradation in the quality of the information being gathered on the Internet and began the validation process to try and stop bad & un-contactable leads from going to our clients.

    Starting in 2011, our Internet lead generation business became our test lab for data validation services that would “Make Our Data Better”.

    With all of the various validations we performed, it became evident that the single most important element was to have a working, contactable phone number.

    Existing phone validation services (and we tried all of the major ones) relied on database searches and did not provide us the accuracy we were looking for.

    RealPhoneValidation was born! After three years of development, trial and error and approaches that didn’t yield the desired accuracy, we can now boast that we have the most accurate phone validation service in the market.

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