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  • RealPhoneValidation allows you to validate phone numbers in real-time or in bulk

    Stop monkeying around with bad phone numbers – it is costing you money!

  • Validate phone numbers in real-time or batch

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  • Phone Validation

    Is it a connected contactable number? Eliminate inaccurate or outdated numbers upfront.

    — Find out more about phone validation

  • Cell or Landline

    Wireless ID is a fast, cost effective way to determine if a phone number is a landline or cell.

    — Cell or landline? Try Wireless ID

  • Carrier Lookup

    Determines phone number carrier and if the number is a mobile or landline.

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  • Easily validate phone numbers anywhere you collect or store contact data

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Want REAL Leads? Let RealValidation work with you to make it happen.

RealValidation provides solutions tailored to your industry (or can work with you to create one).

    • Lead Generation

      Dump the junk, enhance the good. RealValidation is here to make sure that the marketing world runs smoothly.

    • List Brokerage

      Performance issues? Accurately weed the junk out and deliver a more complete experience. Old data? Refresh it. If you have intent we have contact to match it.

    • Finance

      Sell, upsell, and retain your best customers. Identify your risky ones. Bad contacts make all of this difficult, if not impossible – forget about the expense. Contact quality is central.

    • Call Centers

      Compliance problems? TCPA and DNC issues should be a thing of the past at this point. Collections? We can help you trace your target. Sales? Scoring vastly improves productivity.

Why RealValidation?

  • Easy Integration

    API integration is quick and seamless. A dedicated team is always available to assist clients through every step of the process. RealValidation has extensive experience integrating into existing platforms.

  • Global Coverage

    Supporting over 200 countries and leveraging relationships with Telcos worldwide to provide the highest possible disposition accuracy rates in the industry. Data accuracy and productivity is improved up to 10% on average with phone number validation.

  • Exceptional Quality

    RealValidation continually monitors quality by monitoring internal and external resources to provide the highest possible match rates and accuracy in the industry.

  • Outstanding Value

    RealValidation offers flexible pricing that accommodates customer preference (transaction or subscription based) with no set-up fees or maintenance fees, no hardware to manage, and no long-term contracts. With RealValidation customers pay for usage only.

  • Ongoing Support

    A dedicated support team is available at every step to ensure a seamless integration and to provide guidance on best practices.

RealValidation – We make data better!

Your business depends on valid contact information, especially phone numbers. RealPhoneValidation is cloud based and can be integrated into your web contact or lead gen forms, shopping carts, IVR systems, and CRM platforms – like Salesforce, ACT and Zoho (just to name a few). You can also validate your whole list in a batch at regularly scheduled intervals to make sure your contact data stays current.

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